Self Care Goes Pro

September 16, 2017 For years, permanently injured players have been left to figure out how they will financially support their families and how they will carry on with their lives after committing years to football. Currently, the NFL is settling numerous lawsuits from former players who claim that their disabilities resulted from injuries on the … Continue reading Self Care Goes Pro


The Taste of Chicago: Memories, A School Bus And A Turkey Leg

July 10, 2017 Taste of Chicago opened a few days ago and the city is alive with visitors and long time residents, all perusing the historic food festival in search of something delicious to eat. I didn't plan to attend this year. The Taste (as we like to call it) is the kind of thing … Continue reading The Taste of Chicago: Memories, A School Bus And A Turkey Leg

Grandbabies: Been There, Done That

April 24, 2017 In an age where most households require two incomes, finding safe and affordable childcare is a challenge. Grandparents are often first to be called upon for childcare. But what happens if they don't want to babysit? If we only paid attention to the media, we'd all have a very basic understanding of grandparents. You … Continue reading Grandbabies: Been There, Done That